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Clear Lake Country and Western Bars Head to Court Over Fake Facebook Page

Two Clear Lake bars are headed to trial over a fake Facebook page. In suit papers filed in Harris County District Court, the Webster dance club Buck Wild claims that Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon created a fake Facebook page that (1) contained photos of two men engaged in a sexual encounter, and (2) claimed that Buck Wild was the “#1 gay and lesbian country nightclub in the Houston area”.

The suit claims the page was false and misleading and disparaged Buck Wild’s business.  Buck Wild asks for $5,000,000 in damages for loss of business, damage to reputation, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

Big Texas has denied the allegations, and claims that the Facebook page was created by an employee who was acting outside the course and scope of his employment when he did so, without the knowledge or authorization of the bar.

The case is set to go to trial in December in Harris County District Court.

You can sue your competitor for business disparagement if it causes damage to your business due to false and disparaging statements.  If you believe you have a claim for business disparagement, or if someone has wrongfully accused you of it, contact the Law Office of Phil Griffis at (832) 284-4013.


Phil Griffis obtained his first jury verdict in 1990, when he convinced a jury that a customer’s fall at his client’s store did not cause the customer’s aspiration pneumonia and stroke. In the years since he has continued to win in courtrooms across the State of Texas.

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