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Is Your Business Being Targeted for a Frivolous ‘Deep Pocket’ Lawsuit? Watch for These 3 Signs

When a business or individual achieves success, lawsuits often follow. Some of the suits may have merit. Others will not. Unfortunately, there will always be people willing to file baseless lawsuits, in hopes that the target business will settle rather than defending it.

And the more success your business finds, the bigger the target on your back. Businesses oftentimes find themselves on the receiving end of “deep pocket” lawsuits, brought against them simply because the plaintiff knows the company has the money and assets to provide them with a fast payday. Below we have outlined three signs your attorney will seek to uncover that could indicate that you are being targeted with a baseless lawsuit:

History of dubious claims

Does the plaintiff in your lawsuit have a history of suing people or businesses? Far too many people are under the impression that civil litigation is a legitimate means for a quick payday and will quite literally go around looking for trouble. Unfortunately, doing so actually works from time to time, when the victim of these schemes has not taken proper legal precautions. And if these type of individuals seek to bring a frivolous or questionable lawsuit once, chances are they have done it before and will attempt to do it again. Your attorneys will seek to uncover incidents that have occurred in the plaintiff’s past. They will look for patterns of filing lawsuits and look for instances when lawsuits filed by the plaintiff were dropped. If the person has a history of trying to take advantage of businesses, a skilled attorney like those at the Law Office of Phil Griffis should have little trouble exposing this pattern.

Precarious financial circumstances

Unfortunately, challenging financial circumstances can drive otherwise good people to attempt ethically questionable or even illegal actions in order to fulfill their needs. If you are being sued, your attorneys can seek to uncover any evidence that the plaintiff may be in a financial pinch and seeking to pay off major debts, medical expenses, or is in some other financially precarious position. Financial need can lend credence to the argument that the plaintiff has no justifiable claim and is filing a frivolous or questionable lawsuit simply to overcome difficult economic circumstances.

Limited evidence or conflicting story

Perhaps the clearest indication that someone may be trying to take advantage of your business is when they pursue a lawsuit with little or no hard evidence. Likely, such an individual knows that they cannot win if the case goes to court but is hoping your company will pursue a quick settlement in order to avoid the hassle. This clear lack of evidence is in fact the very definition of a frivolous lawsuit. Additionally, your attorney will seek to find discrepancies in the plaintiff’s story that could call into question his or her credibility.

These three signs usually clearly indicate that someone is trying to take advantage of your company through the civil litigation process. However, even when it may seem obvious that the claim is frivolous, it is essential that you utilize a skilled attorney to ensure this best possible—and most efficient—outcome in your case. Contact the Law Office of Phil Griffis today and let us help you fight back against these claims.


Phil Griffis obtained his first jury verdict in 1990, when he convinced a jury that a customer’s fall at his client’s store did not cause the customer’s aspiration pneumonia and stroke. In the years since he has continued to win in courtrooms across the State of Texas.

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