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Most large companies employ an in-house lawyer, or even many in-house lawyers as their legal team. The lead attorney (called General Counsel, Chief Counsel or Chief Legal Officer) reports directly to the CEO. The company’s legal team oversees and identifies legal issues in all aspects of the company’s business. This gives big companies a huge advantage in strategy, planning, problem solving and risk avoidance since the CEO can literally walk down the hall and talk to their General Counsel about whatever important legal issues need attention. The General Counsel then helps guide the company in the right direction, and if necessary, the General Counsel also identifies outside law firms to handle a specific issue.

We believe small and mid-size businesses should also be able to obtain excellent legal advice from an attorney who, while not an employee, functions as the company’s General Counsel. So The Law Office of Phil Griffis and Walker Law PC have teamed up to create a unique Outsourced General Counsel Program for businesses in the greater Houston area. This will allow your business to have all the advantages of a General Counsel and legal team at a fraction of the cost of a full-time team of employed in-house attorneys.

Our Outsourced General Counsel Program provides your business with access to your own team of attorneys with expertise in business transaction, litigation and employment matters. Through a package of monthly calls, we become the legal member of your business’ executive team. We learn about your business and provide you with General Counsel services that fit the needs of your business, at every stage of its growth, at predictable, affordable rates billed on a monthly or annual basis. Our Outsourced General Counsel Program provides focused and effective legal team services equal to or better than comparable in-house staffs or outside firms.

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