Premises Liability

Accidents and criminal incidents at stores, theaters, restaurants, work sites and other businesses can result in jury verdicts financially devastating to a company.

Mr. Griffis has successfully defended small businesses and Fortune 100 companies in premises liability suits brought against them, in courts throughout Texas. These have included:

  • Trip/slip and fall lawsuits, which are the most common premises liability claims.
  • Inadequate security lawsuits, which usually follow some type of criminal attack, such as an assault or robbery, taking place at the business. The victim rarely sues the attacker (who usually has no money) but instead sues the business where the incident occurred, claiming that the security at the business was inadequate.
  • Inadequate safety lawsuits. These cases typically arrive from accidents at amusement parks, workout facilities, go-cart raceways, “open gyms” and other businesses at which high-risk activities take place. Injury victims typically claim that equipment was unsafe or poorly maintained, or that the business failed to put appropriate safety rules into effect.

Examples include:

  • Multiple no liability jury verdicts in favor of client, a major national chain of retailers, in premises liability suits brought against it in Harris, Matagorda, Fort Bend and Brazoria counties of Texas.
  • Favorable jury verdict in slip and fall lawsuit brought against client, a major national chain of theaters.




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