Employee Injury Suits

In Texas, employers have the right to opt out of the workers’ compensation system.  Texas businesses that don’t carry workers’ comp insurance are called “non-subscribers”.  If an employee of such a non-subscribing employer is injured on the job, he can sue the employer for negligence and seek his medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, pain, suffering and even punitive damages. The employer, by opting out of the workers’ compensation system, loses many of the defenses it would normally have. And that fact makes these cases difficult to defend.

Our firm has successfully defended non-subscribing employer companies against allegations of negligence, both at trial and arbitration. Examples include:

  • A no liability arbitration ruling in a claim made by an employee that his non-subscribing employer failed to maintain a safe workplace.
  • A no liability jury verdict in a suit brought by an employee, against a non-subscribing employer, for an alleged workplace fall.
  • A no liability arbitration ruling in a claim made by an employee who alleged that he was crushed by a rolling pipe on the job.

Our firm also advises businesses on ways to minimize employee injury suits.





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