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“Our firm helps businesses maximize their profits, in and out of the courtroom.” – Phil Griffis

The Bay Area of Houston is teeming with businesses. High tech, aerospace, petrochemical, retail, healthcare and entertainment companies dot the landscape between Houston and Galveston. Each is at risk for company-changing litigation.

Located in the NASA community of Clear Lake, The Law Office of Phil Griffis’ mission is to guide companies through game changing lawsuits and other crisis.  We will get to know you. Through this website we will provide you resources. We will work with you to devise strategies to avoid litigation. But if your company has no choice but to litigate, we will put our years of experience into enhancing your company’s time, money and reputation in courtrooms across the State of Texas.


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Personal Injury Defense

Our goal is to quickly investigate the lawsuit allegations and give you advice on the best way to handle the matter, whether it be by early settlement or trial.

Business Litigation

Lawsuits between businesses are very complex. Investments, careers and reputations are at stake. Our goal is not just to win your case, but to increase your business’ time, money and reputation.